Monday, October 13, 2014

Laura + Chris: Our Wedding

by Jesse Woods

Wish I could take your lips with me,

on the road wherever I'd be.
I'd kiss you goodnight in the far off moonlight.
Wish I could take your lips with me, 
listen to your little voice sing along with the radio,
a song that someone else wrote.
I don't care, I just need you here.

Wish I could take your eyes with me,

show you all the things I've seen.
My favorite Mexican bar open there and big bright stars.
Wish I could take your eyes so blue,
my second favorite part of you.
Probably looking at some other man,
southern gentlemen stole your hand.
And I'll stand up and I'll keep the mouth shut.

And I see a spark in the making, 
I hope the rain don't come too soon.

You've got a hand for the taking and 
I'm 'bout to take it to the moon.
And I see a spark in the making, 
I hope the rain don't come too soon.
You've got a hand for the taking and 
I'm 'bout to take it to the moon.
and I'm 'bout to take it to the moon..


   Some time in March this year, I prayed:" Oh God, how can I survive since I have no wedding photo shoot in Winter? It seems impossible that people would held their wedding in Winter... And it's already March now... But I am still hoping for a miracle. Oh God please show me the way..." 

       A week later, Laura and Chris sent me an email requesting my photography service and their wedding day, 21st June, which was also the Winter solstice ( the shortest day and longest night of the year). Yipeeeee! Thanks to Yun Tjin, for recommending my service to Laura and Chris!

     A few of my wishes came true at Laura and Chris's wedding: I wished that I could shoot an Aussie couple's wedding, I wished I could shoot a backyard wedding, I wished I could shoot beautiful flower girls, and I wished I could meet nice Aussie families... And all these wishes came true! Oh God, You are too good! Hallelujah!

      Oh I have so much to write about Laura and Chris's wedding! When we arrived at Laura's mother's house, we were greeted by three 4-years-old kids: William, Charlotte and Ella. I had no idea they were triplets, until Ella told me so. When I was shooting Laura's heels, Charlotte asked me for my name. So I answered:" Wei Wei." I looked up, and saw the triplets gave me a confused stare. Obviously they were expecting " Amy/Jane/Yvonne/Mary" etc for the answer. So one of the triplets asked me for my name again, and my answer was the same. Then Charlotte asked me:" Why is your name WAY WAY? Way Way is a traffic!" Then Charlotte pointed at Gary and said:" Why is your BROTHER taking photos of the flowers?" Oh dear! I stopped shooting and laughed. These kids reminded me of Matthew 18:3 "And Jesus said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." "

       While I was busy shooting Laura and the bridesmaids getting ready, I saw Laura's mother cuddling a baby. I went into another room, there was another baby! Yes, a triplets and two newborns! How awesome is it to have 5-weeks-old Annabelle and 5-days-old Jack to join the wedding celebration as well! 

       The wedding ceremony was held at Chris's parents' backyard. Yes, it was a beautiful backyard wedding! Chris's parents' house was like a museum for me, a house full of history and character.  Yes, I was blown away by the 1920s wedding photos, the old telephone, the curtains, the cushions, the furnitures, the tiles, the interiors, the flowers, the exteriors etc. In my head, I started to plan for a shoot of Laura and Chris in front of the red country style gas oven and the art deco cabinets. I am sorry that I sound like an invader, I just love what I see in this house!

       Chris's speech was the funniest speech ever! I was laughing so loud and then I realised, oh I forgot that I am here to take photos! It meant that I enjoyed the wedding too! The speech was so funny that the guests doubted that Chris actually wrote the speech himself, because he is a quiet person.

       It was a privilege for me to do the bridal party shoot at Boxhill athletics' tracks, where Chris trains. Chris is a professional runner, he was qualified for Commonwealth game! And I am proud to be his wedding photographer haha! Chris got so excited when we were on the track, he suggested to do the "get set" pose, and requested a photo of his colourful socks. The bridal party was awesome to work with, and they had fun running and cheering on the tracks too.

      Laura and Chris, thank you so much for having us as a part of your wedding. We are so so so so blessed to have clients who are easy going like you! And thank you so much for sharing the story of your love song with me. "Sparks" is a very nice song and I can't stop listening to it when I was editing your wedding photos. Like Laura's father put it:" When children found true love, parents found true happiness.", I am sure God has a great plan for you. All the best in Canberra!

PS: After the wedding ceremony, I spotted a lemon tree in Chris's parents backyard (I do love lemon tree) and I planned to shoot Laura and Chris in front of that lemon tree, but we ran out of time, so the lemon tree remains a disappointment in my heart. I wish, I wish I get to shoot Laura and Chris in front of that lemon tree one day...

Chris's parents' house


Wedding Dress: 
Judith Penak 

Make Up: 
Alison Brown from AA Glamour Looks

Hair do: 
Ainslie Forrest

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Polaroid rental:

Smart Brown Catering 

Chris's Mum


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