Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spring Series: Gold

Dear Nicole,

Last year after I came back from a two months break in Malaysia, Gary and Gloria told me there's a new member called Nicole in our Connect Group. They were chatting about how stylish she is, but deep inside my heart, I thought who could be more stylish than me? I saw Nicole sitting on the couch reading a fashion magazine, wearing a furry white vest and a peach color top, matched with a triangle shape necklace. I thought: Oh well she is quite stylish... She said hi to Gary, and turned back to read her magazine, I didn't have the chance to introduce myself and I thought: oh this Nicole is quite proud... There's when the stereotype toward her began. 

Half a year later I visited to Olivia's Connect Group, Nicole was wearing a long furry coat and she gave me a big smile! During prayer time, Nicole offered to pray for everyone and she started with me. She touched my shoulder and prayed in her heart. I closed my eyes and felt the goose bumps, suddenly I heart God told me:" Because you don't trust me." Oh I started to cry! That's the first time I heard God so clearly and I was actually having a spiritual warfare. 

To my surprise, Nicole came to talk to me:" Hey beautiful, I read your blog and I love what you are doing." We had fun chatting and I love her! I love her genuine personalities, her caring heart, and her Kiwi accent.
We were so excited about the photo shoot. Nicole came to my house in a black furry vest and a huge black vintage suitcase, how stylish! Thanks to Nicole who for doing a great job in the cold weather, and thank God there was no snake in the bush haha! 

I told Nicole about my stereotype the first time I saw her, and she said:" Oh no!! I am so sorry I made you think like that Wei Wei! Actually when I saw you I thought that chick is so stylish and she might not be interested in talking to me..." Oh God, how funny to know that she actually thought the same about me! It's all good now, cheers to our stylish friendship!

Thank you May for always putting up the best make up, the gold turns out really good! Thank you Headie for scaring the snake away (although there was no snake).


Make up & Hair do


Nicole and May kept each other warm after the photo shoot...

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