Wednesday, May 1, 2013

White King and Black Queen

"She Likes Me For Me"
by Blink 182

She don't care about my car
She don't care about my money 
And that's real good because I don't got a lot to spend 
But if I did it wouldn't mean nothing

She likes me for me 
Not because I sing like Pavarotti 
Or because I am such a hottie 
I like her for her 
Not because she's phat like Cindy Crawford 
She has got so much to offer 
Why does she waste all her time with me 
There must be something there that I don't see 

She likes me for me 
Not because I'm tough like Dirty Hairy 
Make her laugh just like Jim Carrey 
Unlike the Cable Guy 
But what she sees 
Is that I can't live without her 
My arms belong around her 

And I'm so glad I found her once again
Found her once again 
I'm so glad I found her once again 
On again


   Many has heard about our story - how Gary and I met each other. We were studying in the same class at primary school when we were ten years old. He sat opposite of me. There's one time everyone was asking Gary to lend us his monthly subscribed children magazine, <<Garden of Grape>>, so he lend the magazine to me. 

     Then, a boy (I still remember who the boy was, you can ask me if you want to know)said:" Hey Gary, do you have a crush on Wei Wei? Why did you lend her the magazine but not to us?" Gary answered:" It's because she was the first one to ask me."
I heard it and I didn't want to read the magazine when I got home  because I hated Gary. I hated the fact that he had a crush on me, I dislike him, he was chubby, talkative and busy body.

     The next day I returned him the magazine, and since then I always looked for a chance to hit his hand. Finally I succeed in making him fell out of love with me.

     The following years we were no longer in the same class and we went to different high schools. Once in awhile I heard about him, that he was someone's boyfriend etc. I judged him from what little news I heard about him. 

     We never met until 3 years ago in 2010, during a Chinese New Year primary school gathering. We visited to his house and I was so surprised that Gary was actually a humble gentlemen. We never met each other since we were ten years old, it's been 15 years!

     I was forced by my high school best friends to create a Facebook account during that Chinese New Year, otherwise they would create an account for me and upload my ugly photos during high school! Petrified, I finally had my Facebook account, and thanked to them, Gary (was back in Melbourne) and I started our first chat in Facebook. I still remember, it was 7th March 2010, he just got home from dinner, a pizza and a few cigi with his ex girlfriend.

     And suddenly he asked me:" Do you wash your dishes soon after you finish your meal?""Sure!" of course I would say Yes since it's our first chat! And I remembered that I asked Gary to introduce me some Caucasian guys, since I was single. Who knows... after few months of chatting and skyping , HE fell in love with me. I wasn't so sure about my feeling towards him, because it's all started from Facebook chat, telephone call, and Skype (he looked absolutely fat from the screen). 

     He went back to Malaysia to attend his grandma's funeral in June 2010, so we had the chance to meet up. Hmmmm it was our first date after 3 months of Skyping... When I saw him, I saw a guy with a big head and a very huge smile on his face... Strange and funny... because it was so real it's not the Gary from my laptop screen! So, during the first date, he presented me a pack of cereal which he bought from Melbourne... Nice cereal anyway! Thank you Gary!

     Our first date was a memorable, rather a special one... because we had late lunch and my gastric pain was getting serious. I ran to the washroom to threw out in the middle of lunch, and sat on the shopping mall bench (the bench in front of Topshop, Sunway Pyramid) for more than 30 minute, I was so in pain I couldn't walk. At last, I asked Gary to get me a wheel chair. While he was pushing the wheel chair, I still remember I saw the heels of the reception lady running beside me and guiding Gary to a clinic. I was so sorry to what happened on our first date. He insisted to pay for the medical bill and said:" If you are feeling sorry, please remember to eat well and sleep well, so that we don't have to spend on any medical bill again." 

     He's right. He's the right man. He knows me so well and only he could handle me. He was a blessing from God, when I lost hope in all relationships. Sometimes we still can't comprehend all these happened. Although we seems like we have nothing, but we actually have everything in the world - which is love and each other. With our lovely dog, Headie, we are a little happy family. I can't be more thankful for my life now. I like it when he called me with the way he used to call my name when we were ten years old:"Hey Chong Wei Wei!"

I like you for you and I'm so glad I found you once again, Gary. 
Happy Anniversary.

The White King and Black Queen at Montsalvat
in Polaroid Sepia films and Fuji FP-3000B films.


  1. True, the right person will lead you to a healthier n happier life. Glad that both of you had met each other. Happy anniversary! And I wish you really getting more gastric~~~ XD -nica

  2. Glad for u chong wei wei !!! So u think about my proposal earlier on ??? He is such a gentleman !!! Winnie ti

  3. such a mystery, wonderful , majestic place !